Saturday, December 10, 2011

Old, old spongebob games?

Anyone else out there remember the OLD (4

re-designs of the website ago) where it didn't take forever to load, and you actually knew where you were going? And there weren't stupid advertisements for shows everywhere, you could just go wherever you wanted to go?

Anyway, I've been looking for two basic spongebob games from the old website that I can't seem to find.

1. You hop around on bubbles that go up and down and try to get to the end of the course. Garry's there waiting for you. You can hop on a seahorse and stuff on the way. I think it was called bubble burst.

2. This one is from the original from like 6 years ago. You flip krabby patties on the grill, and add lettuce, tomato, etc, according to orders. And you have to try to avoid Patrick coming in and grabbing eating them.

Anyone know of those games?

Or just miss the old website?|||Geeez that game was around when i was in elementary school wayy too old but hey i do remember that game it was way tooo fun to be an internet game it was cool how u would be time and u had to make a certain amount of krabby patties before lunch then dinner it was hella tight|||i found it! hheehee i LOVE this game鈥?/a>

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